Job Title:                 Vice Chair of Trustees


Accountable to:      Chair and Board of Trustees         


Summary of Job Role:

As a Trustee: 

To ensure overall strategic leadership and financial sustainability and development of Safer Places according to Safer Places governing document.

As Vice Chair of the Trustee board

             •          To support and advise the Chair and CEO in performing their responsibilities.

             •          To undertake the responsibilities of the Chair when he/she cannot be available.

             •         In consultation with the Chair, to participate closely in the development and

                      implementation plans for officers of the board, and

             •          Perform any other responsibilities assigned by the board as necessary.


Statutory Duties:

1.    Ensuring that the organisation pursues its stated objects (purposes), as defined in its governing document, by developing and agreeing a long-term strategy

2.    Ensuring that the organisation complies with its governing document (ie its trust deed, constitution or memorandum and articles of association), charity law, company law and any other relevant legislation or regulations

3.    Ensuring that the organisation applies its resources exclusively in pursuance of its charitable objects (ie the charity must not spend money on activities that are not included in its own objects, however worthwhile or charitable those activities are) for the benefit of the public

4.    Ensuring that the organisation defines its goals and evaluates performance against agreed targets

5.    Safeguarding the good name and values of the organisation

6.    Ensuring the effective and efficient administration of the organisation, including having appropriate policies and procedures in place

7.    Ensuring the financial stability of the organisation

8.    Protecting and managing the property of the charity and ensuring the proper investment of the charity’s funds

9.    Following proper and formal arrangements for the appointment, supervision, support, appraisal and remuneration of the chief executive (if the charity employs staff)

10. In addition to the above statutory duties, each trustee should use any specific skills, knowledge or experience they have to help the board of trustees reach sound decisions. This may involve scrutinising board papers, leading discussions, focusing on key issues, providing advice and guidance on new initiatives, or other issues in which the trustee has special expertise.


Person Specification


Core Qualities


How demonstrated

Further action



1.    A commitment to the organisation







3.    A willingness to devote the necessary time and effort






4.    Strategic vision






5.    Good, independent judgement






6.    An ability to think creatively






7.    A willingness to speak their mind






8.    An understanding and acceptance of the legal duties, responsibilities and liabilities of trusteeship






9.    An ability to work effectively as a member of a team






  1. Be eligible to service as a charity trustee


Application Form and declaration of eligibility




  1. Able to adhere to Nolan’s seven principles of public life: selflessness, integrity, objectivity, accountability, openness, honesty and leadership


Personal Interview




Date of Description:   24/09/20


Reviewed on:   24/09/2020           


Trustee opportunities

 Our Vision is a society where everyone lives a life free from fear and abuse. We exist to drive down the incidence and impact of domestic and sexual abuse and to support those who use our services in their journey to recovery, resilience and independence.

We are a small to medium sized charity with a big reach. Based in Harlow Essex we provide accommodation and community-based services to around 3500 victims of domestic abuse and women offenders in Essex, Hertfordshire and Suffolk. We also provide accredited professionals training across the United Kingdom and more recently also overseas, to those working in the sector and other agencies such as police forces, the NHS etc.

The Pandemic has challenged us all and we have seen a 70% increase in referrals over the period, but we have met the challenge, learned a great deal and now set ambitious objectives for the coming three years .

To achieve these objectives we are now seeking additional Trustees to join our board we are particularly keen to attract Trustees with skills and experience in Finance and extensive board experience as we wish to recruit a Treasurer and Vice Chair but we are also keen to recruit general trustees too, who can bring their skills and experience to our board and share our Vision Mission and Values as we move to the next stage of our development

Our trustees are “eyes on, hands off” volunteers who fulfil the role of charity trustees as set out in the Charity Commission good governance guide. They spend approximately 7 part-days per year on Charity business. This includes attendance at Board and Sub-Committee Meetings, and other one-off commitments. The role is unpaid but expenses are reimbursed.  

What would you gain from being a Trustee?

The satisfaction of being part of an organisation that supports thousands of people to transform their lives and build better futures for their children changes lives

Opportunities for training and development and to work in an organisation that is made up of extraordinary people who are passionate, innovative, flexible, dedicated and professional … and fun

As one of our existing Trustees puts it “Being a Trustee for Safer Place is a fantastic opportunity to make a real difference to the organisation which helps and supports victims of domestic violence”

If you are interested in being part of our journey, guiding and governing our next steps we would love to hear from you. Please visit our website at where you will find further details about the roles, our organization and the recruitment process. The closing date for applications is December 31st 2020.

We look forward to hearing from you

Application Form

Safeguarding Statement

Please send any enquires to [email protected]