Trainee Domestic Abuse Practitioner Salary £19,258 to £23,196 depending on qualifications and experience 
Based in Broxbourne covering Hertfordshire
We value diversity and recognise the strengths that different life and work experiences bring and so welcome applications from people of all work and educational as well as all other backgrounds. The most important attribute we are looking for is a passion to support and empower others and ambition to see their team and their clients achieve. We also value people who are keen to learn and who will make the most of this rare opportunity of a paid training place. Our sector is growing as the scale and impact of domestic and sexual abuse and stalking are recognised so this is a good time to join the sector. Safer Places trains hundreds of people from across the UK every year who achieve their professional qualifications .We are unique in that we are the only big training organisation in our sector which also runs services. All of our own frontline staff are qualified with some also holding additional specialist qualifications gained at Safer Places and some even completing Masters degrees to which they have gained entry on the basis of the qualifications gained in our organisation. But as we say - we welcome diversity and recognise others will wish to take different routes to feel fulfilled within our organisation.
If you are looking at this and thinking "I would love to do this but I have no chance" then think again. Some of the people who have made the very best practitioners , some of whom have become our best managers have come from wide range of backgrounds - such as banks , shops and offices as well as care, nursing , teaching and domestic work , children's homes and schools. If you have the passion , the commitment and the ability then we can train you and empower you to reach your potential, make a difference to peoples lives and be part of an organisation that recognises the value of individuals and just how much we can accomplish together.

As well as a competitive salaries Safer Places offers a wide range of additional staff benefits which enable our staff to get more out of their own lives 

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