Experiencing abuse can play a part in offending behaviour. Abuse impacts everyone differently but it can lead to difficulties with communication, interpersonal and problem solving skills, antisocial attitudes, and can leave someone feeling hopeless. We know that women in the criminal justice system have different needs than men, and need a different response. Over 57% per cent of women in prison report having been victims of domestic violence (Prison Reform Trust, 2017) and over 53% of women in the criminal justice system experienced abuse as children. Unsurprisingly, 49% of women in prison suffer from both anxiety and depression and significant numbers misuse substances.  In order to respond to women, we need to understand their lived experience and the impact of any trauma. We recognise what has happened to women instead of asking what is wrong with them, for instance we seek to understand why a woman is using substances and provide trauma informed responses to empower her with alternative coping strategies and the support she needs.

How we Support

We work to empower women, to work alongside them building skills to help them on a journey to recovery and independence and to reduce re-offending. We work alongside Essex, Norfolk and Suffolk and BeNCH CRC's to provide services and therapeutic programmes to women in the community and on release from prison. We provide holistic support to help bring about positive change, reduce substance misuse, improve emotional health and well-being and prevent future re-offending. We also provide a safe place for women to meet with their Responsible Officer (RO) within our women’s centre – The Rosie Centre.

How do you Access the Service?

We work in direct partnership with Essex and BeNCH CRC and receive referrals via this route. 

Our Gateway service is open 24/7 - please call us on 03301 025 811 to discuss the support available in your area.