Additional Services

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Additional services provided by Safer Places can be accessed by the Practitioner for those
having 1:1 support or by the gateway for those who do not want 1:1 support. These include;

Access to “drop-in” service which is held every weekday in every area, clients can come
along and meet with a Domestic Abuse Practitioner, whatever the support or information they
need. Drop in venues change and are planned on a week to week basis. Some drop-ins are
static, others change to meet the needs of those wanting to access them. The Gateway will
advise clients and referrers direct and will organise a local “drop-in” for anyone who is in need
of the services in a specific area.

Access to our 24 hour helpline is a standard provision for all clients.
Access to legal support surgeries is available either face to face or by phone, our legal advisor
holds fixed “surgeries” and we have partnerships with legal teams to access legally aided or
pro bono or reduced cost services. The pace at which we can have legal matters dealt with is
swift, even out of office hours.

Access to our programmes includes our core programme, Triple R. This is provided in
every area where we work. Further details of Triple R are provided on page 16. Additional
programmes include specialist parenting programmes such as the AVA programme, You + Me
mum, family programmes to build attachment and practical skills programmes e.g. Big Cook,
Little Cook (cooking as a family).

Peer group support is usually accessed after Triple R, but can be accessed without being in
Triple R. The Gateway is able to give details on all of our programmes. Most are run through
invitation only Facebook pages and The Gateway can refer. Peer Support Groups provide online
support as well as group activities, additional information about the peer groups is on page 16.
Specialist Services are available. Safer Places has specialist workers who, as well as being
trained in Domestic Abuse can assist in meeting the needs of the following groups:
• Victims with learning disabilities
• Older victims
• LGBT victims
• BMER victims
• Male victims
• Victims whose experience involves sexual violence
• Those with substance misuse problems
• Those with mental health problems

Counselling is readily accessible, our team is made up of placement counsellors and qualified
volunteers. Counselling is available across our entire service, as and when it is needed by
clients to help them with addressing a variety of issues. Each session is generally tailored to the
individual. There is flexibility within our therapy that allows for a variety of counselling formats.