We have been awarded £9,000 to help promote wellbeing through physical activity.

The application was made to the Hertfordshire County Council Physical Activity Grants Programme which offered charities grants of up to £10,000 for projects that support wellbeing through innovative physical activity.

Janet Dalrymple, Chief Executive Safer Places, said: “We’re delighted to have been awarded funds from Hertfordshire County Council to support our Get Active programme.

“At Safer Places we offer an holistic approach to support and recovery. In 2021 we opened a new women’s centre, the Isabella Centre, which provides a safe space for women. In light of how many people became isolated during the pandemic, it is a very important social space. The women who attend indicated they would like to partake in activities such as Yoga, Thai Chi and dance lessons. The funding we have received will ensure we can move forward with these exciting plans and help improve the wellbeing of our community.”

Manawar Jan-Khan, Health Improvement Lead for Mental Health & Suicide Prevention, said: “We are really pleased to fund a range of projects that will increase mental well-being through physical activity. It demonstrates our commitment to support our communities during the pandemic and to ensure they recover and receive the necessary support to increase their mental well-being. 

“Such community-based projects will play a vital part in our overall work to ensure there is less stigma on common and other mental health disorders that have increased in the last few years and can affect anyone.”