As we entered 2020, we have witnessed the global spread of coronavirus (COVID 19) and the number of women murdered every week by an intimate or ex partner in the UK rose to 3. We are responding to two pandemics, the virus and the escalation and exacerbation of domestic and sexual abuse, but one does not cause the other.

COVID 19 and isolation alone do not cause one person to abuse another - this is the decision of the abuser and the responsibility is theirs alone. Abusers use lots of different ways to control and isolate their victims. The latest government restrictions, there for our protection, have become another tool and ultimately made it easier for abusers to gain control as support systems are restricted and it becomes increasingly harder to access support as victims are isolated with their abusers. It will be harder to phone, text or meet with friends, family members and specialist services like ours. Children living in homes where one parent abuses the other will no longer have nursery or schools to act as respite. 

Many support services like ours are working hard to adapt to these unprecedented circumstances - we are here for you. 

Our services remain open and we are doing everything we can to support survivors and protect our clients from the spread of the virus whilst following the government guidance.

If you are experiencing abuse or you know someone who is - please don't suffer in silence. We are here - you can call us on 03301 025 811 or email us at [email protected]