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Domestic abuse survivors at Safer Places have named a specialist Asian women's refuge ‘Khushi House after a universal word for happiness. 

One survivor said of the naming: “I’m so happy to even have been asked and have our suggestion listened to!" 

The word ‘Khushi translates to happiness, friend, smile or delight in Hindi, Punjabi, Bengali and Urdu. 

Janet Dalrymple, CEO of Safer Places, said:From over 45 years of work in our community, we identified a need for a specialist Asian women's refuge. On top of being subjected to all sorts of horrific abuse there are specific barriers facing the community, including fear of coming forward, language barriers, and insecure immigration status.  

That’s why we opened Khushi House to begin with; to provide a safe space that Asian survivors can trust and where they can receive holistic, trauma-informed support. 

“We are delighted to have Khushi house named by the women who’ve been brave enough to make it their home – even if just for a short while – and we’re over the moon with the name they’ve picked!