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Children that are supported by Safer Places have been offered places at two upcoming sports programmes with Super Star Sports.

The sports coaching organization has offered three free spaces per day at this year’s summer camps to help young people stay fit and healthy.

Janet Dalrymple, Chief Executive Safer Places, said: “We are delighted that children we support will get to take part in the sporting programmes led by Super Star Sports. They are dealing with difficult experiences and it is a fantastic opportunity for them to be in an environment where they can forget about the circumstances they are in and be with their peers having fun.

“Physical activity is paramount in maintaining our wellbeing and this is something we are championing across our organization and implementing in our work with communities. We really appreciate this kind gesture that has been made by Super Star Sports and the children will no doubt be thrilled to take part.”

Bill Denham, Super Star Sports representative, said: “We are so passionate about ensuring all children have the opportunity to stay fit, active, healthy and most importantly smiling. Working with Safer places will ensure more children have the chance to experience our sessions, make friends, smile, laugh and have fun. We will always put the mental and physical health of the nation’s children at the forefront of everything we do and we are so proud to be working with Safer Places.”