Our Team Culture

At Safer Places, our team are our most important resource and a real asset to us. Having a highly competent, survivor focused, experienced and resourceful team is key to delivering a high quality service. We are proud of our team and our organisational culture is really important to us.  

Working for Safer Places is no ordinary job. Every role in our organisation plays a part in delivering on our Mission. We work hard to create an environment that inspires and empowers staff to give their best and we recognise that working with survivors who have experienced profound trauma and injustice is complex and challenging. We are committed to supporting our staff and to providing continued professional development and offer an excellent range of training and qualification packages. 

Safe Employment

We are proud to be a safe employer, please read our full safeguarding statement here.

Work With Us

Please review our current vacancies.

Current Vacancies

Volunteer With Us

Volunteers are one of Safer Places biggest assets and they are vital to the running of our organisation helping to support thousands of survivors in lots of different ways

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