An ISVA is an adviser who works with people who have experienced rape and sexual assault, irrespective of whether they have reported to the police. ISVA's provide specialist emotional and practical support to victims/survivors of sexual assault including supporting victims/survivors to navigate the criminal justice system.  We are delighted to have Zoe Lodrick delivering the content on day 2.  

This is a level 3 course accredited by OCNLR delivered over 4 days. The course is worth 6 Credits. 

There is one assessed workbook to complete. It will take roughly 21 hours to complete the assessment. 

Learners are required to be a qualified IDVA or have two years professional experience supporting victims/survivors of domestic and sexual abuse in an employed or voluntary role. 

This will be delivered online using Microsoft Teams.

Upcoming dates: 

September 2022

Topic Dates
Day 1 Understand what constitutes sexual violence and its prevalence in society. 15/09/2022   10 - 4:30pm
Day 2 Understand the impact of sexual
violence on victims. Guest speaker Zoe Lodrick.
29/09/2022   10 - 4:30pm
Day 3 Understand how to support a victim of sexual violence.  07/10/2022   10 - 4:30pm
Day 4 Understand the law regarding sexual assault. 13/10/2022   10 - 4:30pm

How much does it cost?

£650 for voluntary agencies, £750 for statutory agencies 

Prices are inclusive of VAT.

How do I book?

You must be able to attend all four training days. 

Learner Application Form


ISVA Terms and Conditions

Please email [email protected] for more information.