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Domestic Abuse is one of the highest growing crimes in the UK, yet tends to lie unnoticed to the naked eye. Over 2m people suffer at the hands of abusive controlling partners, yet in most cases the crime is hidden and the abuser protected from exposure by the victims themselves. To people outside of the domestic relationship and particularly with close friends and relatives, the abuser often appears to be a normal caring person, however they manage this image by exerting coercive control over their partners and children. They exert control by metering physical, sexual, mental, emotional and financial harm on their victims, who live in so much fear that they will both tolerate and cover up the abusers behaviour, allowing things to appear normal on the surface.
Often, things deteriorate so badly that victims need to escape, however there is no one to turn to, even friends and family as they can't see any problem with the abusers behaviour. The abusers themselves believe their behaviour to be normal and acceptable and find it easy to deny any accusations that might surface.
Most of us will never understand the depths of dispair victims can get to before they know they need to escape the abuse. Their escapes are never planned, and often they just need to get out for the safety of themselves and their kids.
This is where Safer Places is a real lifeline, offering immediate help and support when there's no way out, and helping victims rebuild a safer future.
I promise to have absolutely no alcohol during the lockdown easing month of May as a sign of support. If you feel you can, please do likewise, or donate a little to Safer Places who really need all the financial support they can get.
Let's beat this terrible crime and help Safer Places help domestic abuse victims TODAY!
Thank you for taking the time to read this

George Sharp