What is Ask for J?

In order to ensure that no-one experiencing abuse goes unsupported Safer Places have secured funding via the Office of the Police and Fire Commissioner for Essex to provide a disclosure scheme across 20 Essex towns. The ‘Ask for J’ campaign will run alongside the main J9 disclosure scheme and provides local front facing businesses such as retail and hospitality units with domestic abuse training and the skills to safely respond to survivors providing a safe space to access specialist support.

Using the “Ask for J” code word in hairdressers, beauticians, nurseries, vets, supermarkets, pharmacies, food banks for example will give victims of domestic abuse access to resources to make decisions about their future or a safe place to make a call to a support agency, Police or family member for example. 

How long is the training session?

This training is a 15 minute prerecorded video. A member of the Safer Places team will be available on the day of the training to answer any arising questions. 

What will I learn?

At the end of this training session you will:

  • Understand the Ask for J scheme and how to become involved
  • To dispel myths and stereotypes that prevail about domestic abuse/violence
  • To define domestic violence
  • To show extent of domestic violence and abuse
  • To understand how to respond to disclosures of abuse and responsibilities and limits regarding information Sharing
  • To understand referral routes for support

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